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Want anytime access to alerts and real-time data? Install WellMonitor app

WellMonitor app gives you access to your SCADA data from your smartphone. Download WellMonitor app and start tracking alerts and plotting your data.


WellMonitor app allows users to track for alerts and the state of their monitored devices. WellMonitor app is free for all WellMonitor users and can be downloaded from Google Play Store or iTunes.

WellMonitor app monitors the SCADA variables looking for alerts conditions. When a new alert occurs, a notification will be presented in the status bar of your mobile device. WellMonitor app allows notifications audible and/or vibrating.

WellMonitor app also allows in field data capture, the captured data is sent to our data-center and made available to customers in real time. 


  • Monitor alerts.
  • Plot data.
  • Vibrating and sound alerts.
  • Capture data from devices not connected to a system.
  • The alerts are shown in the status bar of your mobile device.

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