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WellMonitor software

WellMonitor allows you to monitor artificial lift systems (ESP, PCP and Mechanical pumping systems), electric generators, flow computers, level meters and other industry devices.

WellMonitor is a web-based software-as-a-service, so you can put it to work for your company with no equipment or software investment and without changing the way you do business:

  • No SCADA software to purchase.
  • No SCADA replacement if you already have a system.
  • No field hardware to change.
  • No additional IT personnel or IT investment.
  • No changes to your economic planning tools, reserves database, and other business intelligence tools.

The moment your WellMonitor account is active, your people have the information they need to become more productive, and your production becomes more profitable.


  • Support for all artificial lift devices, electric generators, flow computers, tanks and other devices.
  • Customizable reports and graphics.
  • Exception and variance-based alarming with sound and email alerts.
  • Full remote control.
  • Mobile application for your smartphone or tablet.
  • Proven cloud-based solution monitoring more than  10.000.000 records per day.
  • Works with modern Internet browsers.
  • Priced monthly on a per well / device basis.
  • Ability to grant access to unlimited users.
  • Access using your own domain.
  • Personalization to fit your company image (theme colors and your company logo).

Screen shots

Parameter trends
Stops and Alerts reports
 parameter trends  dinamic reports
Control panel
 Tabular information
 control panel  tabular information