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Communication Solutions

We provide the appropiate communications system for the specific application of our customer. We are able to offer various options of telecommunications systems, such as mobile cellular, VSAT or IP-based low-data rate services.

The telecommunications system is a fundamental part in the process automation and has a direct impact on system availability. WellMonitor allows to continually audit the  telecommunications service.

For the convenience of our customers we offer different options to supply the communication system requerid for the SCADA :

  • To use the communications infrastructure and networks already installed in our Client´s location. This option is recommended when the client has reliable telecommunications service and previously engaged.
  • To provide the appropriate system terrestrial or satellite communications for the specific application of our Client. Depending on the client's needs, we are able to offer various options for telecommunications systems such as mobile satellite, microwave, fiber optic, satellite terminals satellite / cellular KU band and C-band systems.