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Power Generation

WellMonitor offers significant advantages for companies who have or who want to introduce generator monitoring and control systems. It introduces intelligent data-gathering into the process and by monitoring multiple parameters throughout thegenerator equipment, reduces downtime and ensures that generator runs in a cost-effective manner.


  • Real time monitoring of oil pressure, engine speed (RPM), fuel consumption and engine temperature, power delivered.
  • Detects missing phase, current and voltaje for all phases, power factor and frequency.
  • Customizable reports and graphics.
  • Exception and variance-based alarming with sound and email alerts.
  • Full remote control.
  • Mobile application for smartphones or tablets.
  • Proven cloud-based solution monitoring more than  10.000.000 records per day.
  • Works with modern Internet browsers.
  • Priced monthly on a per well / device basis.
  • Ability to grant access to unlimited users.


  • We are able to customize all the WellMonitor ecosystem to fit the specific needs of our customers.
  • Customizable reports and graphics.
  • No additional IT personnel or IT investment.
  • No SCADA software to purchase.
  • No additional IT personnel or IT investment.