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Vessel Telemetry and Tracking

WellMonitor provides a wide range of solutions for the maritime industry as telemetry for vessel and buoys; vessel, buoy and containers tracking.

Wellmonitor enables commercial fleets of any size to maintain vital data communications links with home ports, no matter where they are on the world's oceans.

Vessel tracking systems also improve maritime security and fuel efficiency while cost-efficiently ensuring regulatory compliance. 

  • More than 10.000.000 records processed daily.
  • Customizable graphs and reports.
  • Customizable automatic reports.
  • Alert notification via smartphones APP and Email.
  • Customizable reports and graphics.
  • View your Vessel data from a web browser or the APP.
  • The possibility of manual data entry from the APP (for devices not connected to the system).

Worldwide coverage

Our satellite communications use the Inmarsat Satellite M2M Network for Two-Way data communications (IsatData Pro Network). The IsatData Pro network is the fastest low-data rate satellite communications service specifically designed to connect people with equipment and enterprise applications—anytime, in the world’s most remote locations. Using the two-way Inmarsat satellite network, IsatData Pro operates over geosynchronous satellites in geostationary orbit (GEO), with a robust infrastructure of ground stations located around the globe.

IsatData Pro offers enhanced reliability and the ability to deliver more data than other satellite M2M services in the market, providing 99.9% network availability and a ubiquitous, resilient and flexible solution for remote monitoring of fixed and mobile assets. This allows businesses to share more data across diverse operations via workflow automation.

The IsatData Pro network is also not subject to rain fade or impacted by other harsh weather conditions. IsatData Pro devices do not require antenna pointing, simplifying installation and adding to the reliability of unmanned terminals in an open environment.

  • Higher Messaging Capability
  • Quicken Message Delivery
  • Lower Power Consumption
  • Global Coverage

System features


WellMonitor allows the integration of different devices, brands and models in a single SCADA platform.  The system can also be integrated with management and ERP systems that have our customers.


WellMonitor is priced monthly on a per well/device basis so that WellMonitor users can easily integrate new devices to the system as needed in a scalable manner without the investment of new IT hardware.


The information contained in WellMonitor is virtual, for that reason our customers have access to it anywhere, anytime, using any computer or mobile device.  Additionally, we have redundant servers to ensure availability of information.


WellMonitor includes a scheme of user hierarchies that facilitate access to information in a secure way.  WellMonitor also incorporates audit logs and security policies or standards used by the customer organization.


  • We are able to customize all the WellMonitor ecosystem to fit the specific needs of our customers.
  • Improve crew safety with panic buttons linked to shore systems to identify maritime emergencies and guide rescue operations.
  • Optimize fuel consumption and reduce costs by monitoring vessel fuel sensors in near real-time.
  • Collect vessel engine performance data and ensure fleets are always operating at their best.
  • Ensure all vessels are working at peak efficiency at all times through continuous monitoring of vessel performance data.
  • Reduce paperwork with direct connections to onboard IT systems, telemetry reports, and information gathered on vessels.
  • No additional IT personnel or IT investment.
  • No changes to your economic planning tools, reserves database, and other business intelligence tools.
  • Customizable reports and graphics.
  • Priced monthly on a per well/device basis.
  • Access using your own subdomain, ie:
  • Personalization to fit your company image (theme colors and your company logo).
  • APP for catch alerts and view the data of your devices.

WellMonitor Software

WellMonitor allows you to track and monitor vessels and the systems on it like electric generators, fuel level sensors, and other industry devices.

WellMonitor is a web-based software-as-a-service, so you can put it to work for your company with no equipment or software investment and without changing the way you do business.