Service Overview

WellMonitor allows you to monitor and control industrial equipment such as Artificial Lift Systems, surface facilities and power generation in Oil&Gas, and other industries.

Our IoT gateway installed in the field is fully programmable and is in charge of monitor and control the remote devices, the field data is sent through a variety of communications options up to the datacenter and then to the users. WellMonitor can also be interfaced with Customer's SCADA to provide a seamless and robust solution.

WellMonitor system can manage a wide range of industry protocols like Modbus, CAN BUS, DNP3.0, IEC 101/104, and IEC 61850.

WellMonitor has advanced applications to Artificial Lift Systems such as:

  • Online, real time ESP operation point (match).
  • Online, real time Well production.
  • Detection of operational events using machine learning algorithms.
  • Data analytics and special reports.
  • Integration with other field software.

Visit the ALS section to get more information.

Worldwide Coverage

Our satellite communications use the Inmarsat Satellite M2M Network for Two-Way data communications (IsatData Pro Network). The IsatData Pro network is the fastest low-data rate satellite communications service specifically designed to connect people with equipment and enterprise applications anytime, in the world's most remote locations.

IsatData Pro offers enhanced reliability and the ability to deliver more data than other satellite M2M services in the market, providing 99% network availability and a ubiquitous, resilient and flexible solution for remote monitoring of fixed and mobile assets. This allows businesses to share more data across diverse operations via workflow automation.

The IsatData Pro network is also not subject to rain fade or impacted by other harsh weather conditions. IsatData Pro devices do not require antenna pointing, simplifying installation and adding to the reliability of unmanned terminals in an open environment.

  • Higher Messaging Capability
  • Quicken Message Delivery
  • Lower Power Consumption
  • Global Coverage

Key Benefits

  • First-class customer support. Every person on our team is committed to providing the highest levels of customer satisfaction.
  • Save money by reducing downtime and maximazing equipment run life span.
  • Save your staff's time. The high level of customization of reports and analytics that we offer to our customers allows automating every-day tasks so your staff members can spend more time on relevant matters.
  • Optimize operative costs. Our services are charged on a daily basis so you can pay only for the days that you really use them.
  • Get rid of softwre licensing and IT infrastructure. Our technological offer is based on the software-as-a-service model so that our clients do not need to undertake cumbersome processes of software licensing or configuration of networks or equipment within their company.

Process Monitoring

From Artificial Lift Systems to surface facilities, WellMonitor has been used to monitor and control many kinds of process and devices like flow computers, electric generators, tanks and valves.

Field Communication System

Our robust field SCADA package supports Modbus Ethernet and Modbus serial networks, electrical protocols as DNP3.0, IEC 101/104, and IEC 61850 are also supported. Up to three redundant communications layers are available so we can guarantee the maximum application uptime.

Despite the comm system robustness, in case of communication failure, the IoT gateway saves the data, once the communication is restored the saved data is automatically sent to the data center.

User Interface

The WellMonitor graphical user interface displays the information in different environments, which can be configured by each user to fit their information needs.

Our philosophy is that WellMonitor should be customized to match the needs of our customers, therefore we make adaptations to our web platform such as customized calculations, special reports, and specific graphics, to fit the specific needs of our customers.

APP for smartphones

WellMonitor APP is a free application for users registered in WellMonitor that allows them to receive and visualize the alerts that are generated in the equipment monitored and to see the data generated. WellMonitor APP has charting and tabling capabilities. In addition, WellMonitor APP allows manual capture of data from equipment not connected to the system as wellhead information or tank levels, the captured information is sent directly to the server and made available to our Customers.

WellMonitor APP is available for devices with Android and iOS systems.